service 01
​​​​​Hull Cleaning

MAXIDIVE provides five stars Hull Cleaning service in all locations of Thailand. Our latest hydraulic cleaning equipment (triple head Brush – Kart) reflects all innovations in hull cleaning technologies. With combination of unique flexible rotating joints and latest generation of rubber base brushes …

service 02
Propeller Polishing / Repair

MAXIDIVE’s cleaning/polishing system has special brushes for propeller cleaning and polishing.
Services Includes:​

  • Multi-stage micro polishing of all surfaces.
  • Polishers fitted with diamond polishing disks to achieve a finish of a Rupert scale “A”.
  • Detailed written report including photographs with any abnormalities observed.
  • Propeller trimming and static balancing.
service 03
In Water Survey / Post Grounding Inspections/ UWILD
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) with multimedia features.
  • Ship owners and classification societies are now able to access files which clearly state findings and measurements during “In Water Surveys” with direct links to video footage for verification in real time. (Network capabilities). More info on SIMR system in news & Innovation section.
service 04
Class Approved Temporary and Permanent Repairs

ICCP (Impress Current Cathodic Protection System) replacement
Sacrificial Anodes Replacement
Underwater Welding / Burning (Class approved)
Hull repair
Sea-Chest blanking

service 05
Internal Ship Repair

We also have an Internal Ship Husbandry team that are able to carry out a wide variety of internal valve removals and installations,seal replacements, at port or in anchorage.

service 06
New Zealand (MPI) /
Australia & USA Hull Cleaning Inspection

MAXIDIVE offers in Hull Cleaning of the Vessels as per the“Craft Risk Management System (CRMS)” Guidelines for the Ships arriving in New Zealand and similarly for Australia and the USA…

service 07
Surface Husbandry

MAXIDIVE is a comprehensive marine service, equipped for heavy lifting & transportation, husbandry service with a fully equipped warehouse for fabrication.