New addition to the Maxidive fleet

MAXIDIVE is taking a plunge into the deep end with the latest addition to our fleet – the Mobile Commercial Diving Unit. With a growing demand for unparalleled underwater ship services in Thailand, we’ve spared no expense in investing in the latest equipment, extending our fleet of diving support vessels, and adding mobile units capable of travelling long distances to Phuket, Songkhla, and Ranong in the south Of Thailand.

The Toyota Commuter chase-based Commercial Diving Unit boasts a state-of-the-art AIR Surface supply system and SUPER Lite Air banks crafted from carbon-fibre composites, effectively reducing travel weight. Equipped with UNDERWATER CCTV equipment from the VIC system, our clients can now witness crystal-clear 4K quality underwater footage in real time, thanks to the streaming capabilities over the internet.

But the most impressive part of the new vehicle is the purposely designed Diving Control and ROV Hull cleaning control room, which is fully air-conditioned and sound-proofed. Now, attending class, surveyors and clients can witness the underwater inspection comfortably, at any location, not just on board our dive supply vessels. With Mobile Commercial Diving Unit, we’re diving into new depths of excellence.

The vehicle was put to the test on some of our February projects listed below