Maxidive is synonymous with providing high-tech services within the marine industry.

Maxidive has been essential to Thailand’s underwater ship service and repair requirements for many years. As a testimony to the No1 go-to company where ship repair and service is a concern, they can now boast over 731 projects this year alone in 21 locations servicing over 431 clients.

So what sets Maxidive’s services above the rest? Their dedication to putting the customer first and providing a professional service. They offer the same service regardless of contract price or size. No job is too small. It’s a testimony to this that our clients return time and time. 

Maxidive’s work has taken them to over 21 locations in and around Thailand. They are trusted and preferred by Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, and many more. In addition, the team have worked tirelessly to have this accolade as a go-to company when a ship requires service in a port or anchorage in Thailand. So we are not just a local but also have an international reputation.

Our range of specialist equipment and our investment in R&D keeps us in front of the completion. Our R&D program provides us with the best cost-effective, innovative equipment today. For example, we work with our European partners to design a revolutionary hull cleaning system, which creates a more environmentally friendly service with little or no impact on the customer.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals that work under pressure. They are water welders and also provide first-class hull cleaning services. Our services extend to propeller cleaning, polishing and repair. We are fully equipped with (state of the art) underwater surveying equipment to carry out CCTV (HD) /PHOTO and offline VIDEO inspections. We also have an Internal Ship Husbandry team. MAXIDIVE is a comprehensive marine service equipped for heavy lifting & transportation and husbandry service with a fully equipped warehouse for fabrication.

As we come out of a two-year period where travel has been restricted, Maxidive took the opportunity to introduce a new Automated ROV system. This system will be more cost-effective, allow cleaning within port limits with 100% safety guaranteed, and focus on preserving the vessel’s antifouling coating. With over 20 years of experience to fall back on, we always strive for the best for our customers. In this competitive market, quality and first-class service will always triumph.

The true importance of boat hull cleaning cannot be underestimated. Frequent use of our hull cleaning services can reduce drag which may have a detrimental effect on the vessel. Also, one of the most significant benefits is to the local port waters. It removes biofouling growth, preventing native species from being outnumbered by invasive species carried on the vessels.

Summertime has been extremely busy for Maxidive, and our ability to react to our customer’s needs is illustrated through our full order book. Our teams have been working locally in Laem Chabang and Koh Sichang areas, while our mobile inspection team were over 800 kilometres away in South Thailand.

Finally, the ports are being opened up to tourists, and we see cruise ships being allowed back to the posts of Thailand. Maxidive is happy to be a trusted local diving company providing underwater service for some of the most prominent Passenger Ships industry players.