Commercial diving, Maxidive strive to be the market leader in Thailand.

Commercial diving is, in essence, what Maxidive live and breathes for, led by their MD Vladimir Earley. The company is built around providing subsea marine services in Thailand. If there is an offshore job in Thailand involving commercial diving providing the following services, hull cleaning, Thai survey, propeller cleaning, and biofouling, to name but a few, Maxidive will be the company that most customers, management companies, councils, Maritime societies turn to.

Investment in technology and staff.

Like most companies at the top of their profession, Maxidive always strives to improve and provide more services to their clients. In addition, Maxidive seeks to enhance and introduce new technology. As a result have built a strong team of commercial divers and support staff professionals who are constantly improving knowledge gained through their work experience, reflected in the number of projects completed to date, 731. That’s why they are the market leaders in Thailand.

Their recent development of a new reporting system, used for their subsea projects, SIMR, dramatically improves the previous system, providing multimedia reporting either in real-time or giving clients direct access to online files. They can also supply a hard copy package with all the reporting and film footage on a USB. A much clearer and transparent system for carrying out underwater CCTV inspection. A clear indication that the company won’t be standing on their laurels.

Forging partnerships and alliances with like-minded companies have always had a profound impact on the services Maxidive delivers. For example, their partners in Europe responsible for R&D created the new PROMAX MP 11, the only machine outside Australia and Singapore able to provide the most professional, environmentally friendly way to Hull Cleaning. This ROV allows hull cleaning within port limits with 100% guaranteed safety, preserving the vessel’s antifouling coating.

Maxidive services are being sought after throughout Thailand. Their reputation is worldwide as they continue to bring cutting-edge services to all their clients.