A Floating Giant of the sea stretching 396 meters received outstanding underwater ship service

A floating giant of the sea stretching 396 meters in length recently received outstanding underwater ship service, by the MAXIDIVE team at Laem Chabang Port in Thailand.

Our inspection divers possess more than a decade of experience in ship survey and are IMCA certified, yet when tasked with a job of this magnitude, expertise and certification alone do not suffice.

To execute an underwater inspection of a vessel of such gargantuan proportions, kilometers of swimming are required, often in suboptimal visibility, with continual communication with the dive control room to relay real-time findings.

To accomplish this feat, MAXIDIVE exclusively employs divers with vast experience and exceptional physical condition, a critical element for success. Most of our divers are former Navy or military special forces, capable of performing in the most demanding environments and situations.